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Max is Chief Psychologist with Transcareer, an International Management Psychology Consultancy specialising in the soft side of business in such areas as coaching, conflict resolution, selection systems and assessment.

Max partners with Champion Events to present aspects of business that relate to human behaviour. His communication skills combined with his gentle demeanour make him the perfect addition to company workshops, with the aim of increasing performance at work through change in attitude and mental approach.

Max is an international management psychologist who has the gift of making the complexities of human behaviour understandable and relevant to business.

Whilst very pragmatic, Max is also academically strong, having first read theology as a preparation for the priesthood. Because of his interest in people, he then undertook further degrees in psychology, industrial relations and clinical therapy. Several of his 23 books are on the recommended reading lists of London, Sydney, Harvard, Westminster and Sussex Universities and two of his books frequently in the top ten UK business books.


• Psychological aspects of management
• Conflict resolution/working with difficult people
• Strategy
• Positive Stress – using stress for success
• Maximising your career – gaining the pole position for personal success
• The psychology of leadership – motivation, influencing and power
• Self knowledge to ensure success with others – Your Disposition (D), your Values (V),
your Management Style (M). Employing the DVM of others
• The sevens rules of organisational politics – Machiavelli’s advice for today
• Reading Essential Body Language – Confidence, Anxiety, Lying
• Bullet Proof your Brain – delaying dementia, the five obvious secrets

Max can be added to any of our workshops at any of the program destinations.


Booking Lehmo for your workshop brings laughter to long days, puts comedy into corporate life and gets the fun back in business.

Lehmo is one of Australia’s most experienced and well travelled comedians. Lehmo’s live work has seen him headline at comedy clubs for well over ten years and work all corners of the globe – USA, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Lehmo has also become Australia’s number one ‘combat comic’, having completed four ‘tours of duty’ performing for our troops abroad. These tours have seen Lehmo perform in army bases in East Timor, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Afghanistan and two secret countries he’s not allowed to name!!

Lehmo has performed for businesses large and small throughout Australia and South East Asia. These functions have included AGMs, team bonding days, Christmas dinners, conferences and the list goes on. Having spent ten years working in the corporate world as a chartered accountant Lehmo is perfectly qualified for any such function. Lehmo knows exactly what it takes to put a smile on a corporate face. He’s even completed an entire festival show on the subject – the very successful “Taxing Lyrical”.

Lehmo currently hosts the very successful FM radio breakfast show in Melbourne from 6am to 9am every weekday morning; he keeps Melbourne laughing (and sometimes crying) with his unique brand of humour. Lehmo is currently a panellist on the very popular network 10 AFL show “Before The Game” and a regular presenter on the CH 10 evening news program, “The Project”.

Lehmo can be added to any of our workshops at any of the program destinations.



Robert Hart is Owner and Creative Director of Zest Learning, Australia and New Zealand. Together, we design and deliver an energising suite of creative learning and development tools to a variety of fascinating clients.

My own experience was gained at senior levels within global corporations where I have operated in Learning and Development roles across the Energy and Resources sector and with clients in Media, Advertising, FMCG, Automotive, Retail, Banking, Finance, Professional Services, Social Profit and Manufacturing sectors.

As an active researcher in Psychology for over twenty years, I enjoy bringing neuroscience and evidence based methodology to the fields of learning, leadership development, resilience training, human performance and creative thinking.

With a lifelong dedication to helping clients create engaging, sharper solutions to increase team performance and vitality, I founded Zest Learning.

Zest Learning specialises in keynote speaking, energetic facilitation and creative thinking, where refreshing ideas come to life.

My eternal passion and energy for the principles of creativity, positive psychology and resilience is preceded by a BSc. (Hons) degree from Loughborough University (UK) and accredited practice of internationally recognised diagnostic tools, including Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Team Management Systems (TMS) and DISC.



Creative Juice: Innovation and Strategic Thinking Workshops

Our proud affiliation with Jacqui Cooper’s Champion Events Program is dedicated to providing a range of sharp, creative learning solutions.

Together with Champion Events, we offer a comprehensive suite of credible profiling tools, team dynamics workshops, inspiring facilitation, tailor-made training and development products, leadership experiences and workshops to engage everything from creative thinking and team dynamics to working positively with organisational change.

Creative Juice Workshops

Invigorating. Refreshing. Creative. A sharper approach to developing ideas in your team, however you care to slice it. Creative Juice is an inspiring, creative thinking workshop with tangible results.

We blend innovation, neuroscience and creative learning in the most refreshing ways:

  • Learn the techniques to help your brain think more creatively
  • Develop increased energy and broader ideas in your team
  • Master the innovation processes applied by hugely successful, iconic thinkers
  • Expand your range of possibilities and solutions to tackle common problems
  • Implement highly practical creative ideas for your team and organisation


Participants taste a range of engaging problem solving and creativity techniques for practical application in their work environment.

Above all, Creative Juice will have your teams flourishing and flowing with new ideas, far wider than the obvious and immediate.

To increase awareness and insights for your team, why not blend a Creative Juice workshop with our wider areas of expertise.

Zest Learning also offers

  • Team Dynamics Profiling (accredited MBTI and TMS practitioners)
  • Resilience and Vitality Workshops
  • Conference Facilitation and Keynote Speeches



For more information about Zest Learning, please help yourself to the following resources:

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